From the May 15, 1995 issue of Smart

10 Things to See in Los AngelesóBesides E3!

By David English

O.J.'s house. Those in search of a cheap thrill will be disappointedóall the gates are covered with tarps. Try telling them you're a friend of Kato's.

Hollywood sign. Best viewing angle is Beachwood Avenue, north of Franklin. Best time: just after the Caltech students defeat the security system and rearrange the letters.

Disneyland Hotel. Head over to Anaheim and check out the singing water fountain. As Bugs Bunny used to say, "It is to laugh."

Grave Line Tours. Bring to life 80 of Hollywood's famous deaths, sins, and scandals. The gray hearse departs at 9:30 each morning for as little as $40 per mourner.

Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum. Homage to western civilization, includes paintings, artifacts, and audiovisual aids. Feel like a cowboy.

Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures. See scale models of samurai warriors in battle, first ladies in their inaugural gowns, and an Old West street scene. Feel like Gulliveróbut watch your step.

Rancho La Brea Tar Pits. One of the best places to find ice-age fossils. Watch your step, again, or you may be preserved for posterity.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Speaking of being preserved for posterity, this famous cemetery has one of the largest paintings in the world (it's 45' by 195') and a stained-glass re-creation of "The Last Supper."

Heartland. Head over to Rancho Mirage for the California Museum of the Heart. Visit the Happy Heart Cinema, Healthy Heart Cafe, and various heart-themed interactive exhibits. Truly surreal!

J. Paul Getty Museum. Getty's megabucks have created one of the top museums in the world. And you thought there was no real culture in Southern California.

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