From the January 9, 1995 issue of Smart

10 Things to See in Vegas—Besides CES!

By David English

The Liberace Museum. If Las Vegas is the capital of glitz, this place must the royal palace.

A. J. Hackett of Las Vegas. See your fellow CES attendees bungee-jump from 170 feet. (Great place to pick up extra badges.)

The Planet Hollywood sign. Great Caesar's Ghost! It looks like the sign for the Daily Planet. Hope the lawyers from DC Comics don't see it.

The living statues at the Forum Shops. Less exciting than Disneyland, but more exciting than watching paint dry.

The strikers in front of the Frontier Hotel. Like the Energizer bunny, they keep going and going and going—only don't get too close.

The interior of the Luxor. No, the blinking lights in the Luxor won't work with your new Timex Data Link watch.

The Magic & Movie Hall of Fame. Hundreds trapped at CES will come to gaze at escape devices made famous by Houdini.

The unfinished restaurant at Vegas World. Turns out it may be too tall to get approval from the FAA.

The white tigers at the Mirage. Consider yourself lucky if they do anything other than sleep.

The Debbie Reynolds Movie Museum. Watch the out-of-towners try to get in—the museum doesn't open until January 21.

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