From the February 6, 1995 issue of Smart

10 Things to See in San Francisco—Besides intermedia!

By David English

Fisherman's Wharf. If it's cheap and made of plastic, you can find it here. Leading contender for the bad-taste T-shirt capital of the world.

Alcatraz. Model for some well-known office buildings in Silicon Valley. Be sure and request the round-trip ticket.

Cable Cars. Made famous by the Rice-A-Roni commercials. Or was it the other way around?

Lombard Street. This is the incredible winding street made famous by the movie Bullitt. Helpful hint: Do not point to the street and ask your cab driver if he saw the movie.

City Lights bookstore. Journey back to the 1950s when poets grew their hair long and spoke out against the war.

Haight-Ashbury district. Journey back to the 1960s when teenagers grew their hair long and spoke out against the war.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Even the surrounding neighborhood has a rich chocolate aroma. Acceptable second choice: a chocolate malted milk from the St. Francis Soda Shop.

Multimedia Gulch. San Francisco's emerging district for multimedia developers, somewhat akin to New York's Soho district for artists. Home for future billionaires.

The Art of Star Wars: An American Premiere. Hundreds of original objects from the Star Wars movies are displayed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Follow the force.

The Persian Zam Zam Room. Ask Bruno, the owner, to mix you one of his famous gin martinis.

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