From the June 12, 1995 issue of Smart

10 Things to See in New York—Besides PC Expo!

By David English

Times Square. Last chance to see the seediest corner of the U.S.—before Mayor Giuliani cleans it up, and Disney builds its megabuck theme-park hotel nearby.

Zabar's. If there's a deli in heaven, it would be run by Zabar's. Food to die for.

Empire State Building Observatory. Drop by at night and watch the tourists try to light up New Jersey with their flash cameras. Or pretend you're in the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle."

Kleinfeld's. Stroll over to Brooklyn for the country's largest selection of wedding gowns. They're everywhere—even hanging from the ceiling.

Night Court. For a strong dose of reality, head down to 100 Centre Street in lower Manhattan. Watch how they process real thieves, prostitutes, and other criminals.

Asti. Terrific Italian food, plus the waiters and waitresses sing opera while you eat. Satisfy your dietary and cultural needs in one sitting.

Lucky Cheng. An Asian-Chinese restaurant with transvestite Asian waitresses. Surprise your friends.

Maxilla and Mandible. The best place to shop for skeletons of all kinds (including humans), as well as fossils and preserved insects. Gifts for that special person in your life.

Rock and Roll Tours of New York. Check out the homes, hangouts, and notorious sites associated with rock stars. Includes the studio where Elvis recorded "Hound Dog" and the hotel where Sid Vicious allegedly shot his girlfriend.

Crown Royal Suites at the Righa Royal Hotel. For $900 a night, you can get an oversized bedroom suite, chauffeur-driven Town Car to-and-from the airport, in-suite fax, in-suite checkout, and personalized business cards. Why leave your room?

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